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Writer, artist, and cook; fascinated by ideas.

Quiet and imaginative, I am Jane.  I find joy in seeing Christ’s beauty through playing the piano, writing stories, cooking exotic food, and experimenting with drawing and painting.  Running a bed and breakfast, researching my stories, taking art lessons, and raising chickens occupies my time.  My friends often view me as the fainting type but those who know me best see my adventurous side.  I take life seriously; my philosophy, my art, my pillow fights, and my cheese.  Especially my cheese.

~Jane Blake

Farm girl. Bibliophage. Philosopher. Of the Way.

Hi I’m Jo. I’m a farm girl in love with books and ideas, and I’m happiest when I am chasing an idea to its conclusion, discovering forgotten treasures in the dusty corner of a used bookstore, problem-solving on the farm, or serving people. Those who don’t know me well tend to think I am quiet and mild. They are always surprised when my real, fun-loving, mischievous, open personality pops out. I enjoy analyzing nouns (people, places, things, and ideas); but people hold a particular fascination for me. Analyzing why someone does what they do helps me serve them better, and nothing makes me happier than when I can be of service to my fellow man. As a serious twenty-something, I am serious about my books, my friendships, and my food.

~ Jo Blake

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