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Sometimes life gets complicated.  Instead of the one door you had prayed for, God opens three or four at once.  There simply isn’t time to sort out all your thoughts on what you have been learning.  And, if your blog happens to be about lessons you learn through daily life, you tend to get confused about what to write.  What better time to get tagged and answer questions about yourself?  Thanks Bethia Lark! Please, before reading further, go check out this sweet girl’s blog at


So here we go, eleven things I am sure you are all dying  to know about me:

1: What is your favorite fantasy character? This can include common characters such as princesses and kings, as well as characters you made up, or even creatures found in fantasy.

I have not read a lot of fantasy, but Boromir from the Lord of the Rings has always     intrigued me.

2:What is your favorite book?

Till We Have Faces By C. S. Lewis.

3: Dating or Courtship or Other?

All of the above, depending on how you define them.

4: What is your favorite time period to write/read about?

The last hundred years.

5: What is your favorite eye color? (For writing if you’re an author or just in general if you’re not.)

I generally give my characters grayish eyes, or brown.  I don’t know why because my favorite eye color is blue.

6: If your dominant hand were to be taken from you, what are some ways you would cope using your other hand?

With prayer for patience.  Have you ever tried to draw with your non-dominant hand?  It is excruciatingly frustrating!

7: Do you already have your future kid’s names picked out? If so, what are they? (If you don’t want to answer this off the wall question, then pick a question a lot of people ask you and answer that, stating what the question is first, of course.)

They are constantly changing but my current favorites are Alister and Annalise.  I tend toward names that start with vowels.

8: What is/was your favorite subject in school?

Epistemology. (The study of how we know what we know.)

9: Describe light. Try doing it without using the sense of sight.  (I know this isn’t really a question, but I’m running out of material here.)

A waking call without a sound, a single giant turn,

And I could be:

The fluid, winsome, childlike, trill, the greeting of a bird.

A prickle on the back of the neck, a warmth on the face,

And I could be:

The eager, upward, reaching, tree, gleaning the empty air.

A wandering wind born of chill, a  requiem,

And I could be:

The swirling, rippling, dancing, lake, beneath celestial darts.


10: How has having siblings, or not having them, as the case may be, shaped your life and character?

In more ways than I can count!  Being the middle and the shyest of five allowed me the hide a lot.  But also, having a wide age range among us has made me very comfortable being friends with people much younger or older than me.

11: What is your most precious possession?

My pens, I hate losing them.


Now, according to the rules I should pick eleven bloggers to answer eleven questions from me.  So here are the lucky eleven . . . actually, there are only six, sorry about that, I don’t know that many bloggers.

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Now for the questions:

  1. Which book do you recommend most often?
  2. Dark, milk, or white, chocolate?
  3. Do you pronounce the name Augustine with the accent on the second or third syllable?
  4. What type of music makes you want to dance?
  5. On a scale of INTJ to ESFP what is you mbti obsession?
  6. Favorite quote?
  7. What do you think would be your ten year old self’s reaction to your present self?
  8. Dog or cat?  This is an imperfect world so you can’t have both.
  9. Favorite word?
  10. If you could learn any one language effortlessly what would it be, and why?
  11. Which fictional character would you most like to be friends with?



Introverted Thoughts

IMG_2076Dear Stranger,

Do you know how much you fascinate me?  I watch you from across the room and wonder who you really are.  What you are thinking and why.  It doesn’t matter how you look, what you wear, whether the words I catch at intervals are beautiful or ugly,  how old or young you are, in the end it doesn’t even matter who you really are. I long to know you because you are not me.  I cross the room and introduce myself.  I watch you take in my long skirt, my soft, high, voice, my odd, unidentifiable, accent.  Our dissimilarity makes you uncomfortable, and I see you wonder why I came to talk to you.  Would you believe me if I told you it was because I am in love with you?  Because I am in love with the world?


Dear Acquaintance,

Do you know how much I like you?  Perhaps we have never spoken, though we know each other’s names.  Perhaps we have spoken, but found so little in common, that we only spoke of the weather.  Do you know that I am still searching for a way to get to know you better?  Would you believe me if I told you that I am in love with the little I know of you?  Because I am in love with the world?


Dear Friend,

Do you know how much you mean to me?  We have had so many conversations, wonderful conversations!  Often, when I sit alone, I think of them and smile.  Yet now, when we meet, I have nothing to say.  When thoughts and questions come to me I treasure them up for you, but they feel incomplete, artificial, fragile.  Does my silence bother you? When we sit without speaking, for long, thought-filled, moments, do you wonder if our friendship is waning?  Would you believe me if I told you that I have fallen in love with who you are?  That simply laughing and talking is no longer enough, I long to work with you to make a better world.  Because I am in love with the world.


Dear Family,

Do you know how much I love you?  You have watched me grow.  You know I hide away my plans, even from you, until I am sure I can accomplish them.  You know how many hours I spend alone.  How often at meal times, I am detached, absorbed in my own thoughts.  How I gravitate toward tasks which only one person can do.  How I do not ask questions, if I can help it.  And how, often, when I do speak, it is about something childish or trivial.  Do you ever wonder if I really care about you?  Would you believe me if I told you that all of you are continually in the forefront of my mind?  I am in love with you all, because it is my privilege to work alongside you to make a better world.  And I am in love with the world.