When Things go Wrong


When things go wrong, and what we had planned and hoped is in ruins, we look back into the past and wish ourselves there.

When things go wrong we blame ourselves, or others.  We fantasize a world in which we were stronger, wiser.  We worry.  We lose sleep.

When things go wrong we long for the return of normality and almost doubt that it can ever come again.

When things go wrong we mourn a loss

A loss of what?  Normality?  There is really no such state, and even if there were, we do not mind change so long as it is for the better.  No, it is not the past but the future that we mourn.  The future we lost when things went wrong.

When things go wrong it seems as though we have descended into a dark well.

Things?  It is usually just one thing, but we carelessly call it “things.”

When something goes wrong all the pleasures which used to captivate us become dull.

When something goes wrong we cannot forget the future that is gone.

Gone?  That future never existed, except in our imaginations.  We mourn the loss of what was never ours.  

When something goes wrong it is as though the sun no longer shone and all the flowers had wilted, for we do not heed them.

When something goes wrong nothing else can compensate.

Wrong?  It is not necessarily bad that our purposes are frustrated, but it is very wrong to let the future that will never be drown the present that is.

When things do not go the way we planned, we sulk.

~Jane Blake