The Road From Home

roadIt’s a long and winding road, is the road from home. Filled with mysteries yet to us unknown. Fraught with danger, trials, and despair. Ever leading us to we know not where.

Those we meet who help us all along the way. Those who hold us back. And those who for a while with us stay. We embark on grand adventures. Aspire for great things. Invest in risky ventures. And test out our new wings.

The road is full of firsts. Lonely it can be. The strange and uninviting is oft all that we can see. Onward we press relentless, determined to succeed. We will not stop or tarry, even when we face great need.

Yet when the stars shall find us oh so far from home; we carry deep within us all the things that we have known. In our souls are burning the welcome lights of home. And that we always carry, no matter where we roam.